Today I have released a new single see bluesen

There was no training due to rain next time the group Will seen IT is 17/9 Walk and training 10,00 or plan B walk and dinner 19/9 stallion and coffee 10,00 21/9 Idrott and coffee 12,00 27/9 Cinema and dinner 15,00 but time can be changed to earlier or later that's what happens in September and I Will come back with new things comming soon in October Butterfly

I mean 6 Oktober and 30 September I mean

it 610 comes group to have new Christmas singles were released and on 309  all the songs were revealed Butterfly

Today I have released a new single Y,M,C,A


Now have summer tour 2017 is end it was so wonderful this summer tour Butterfly have do so many things and now have autumn comming now and now come I to

Now I will do something else so I come to in Oktober 2017 so commimg my second christmas album and in December it will be the family christmas gift that I lead myself and it´s private and that´s what´s going on the fall and christmas and next year 2018 in january so I let more english singles so the year 2017 looks out for the Butterfly and in Dcember I will release more christmas singles


Today I have had new singles Speak Softly Love and Baby Elephant Walk and Show at the meadows of the wind Butterfly

Today it has been so beautiful it has been sunny wind and water of the lovely weather Next time the group will be seen it is 22/7 Pub night Biljard and Beer 14,00 20/7 Walk 15,00 Butterfly

Now the group has packed in front of tomorrow it will be so wonderful to come to adventure in the woods and then it will be a breeze for a barbecue night playing the song playing in the wind and going canoe I. Morning when it's time tomorrow, the group goes back. So I'll be back with more Info about what next time the group will do

Today it was so wonderful and nice weather I was a PT personal coach today and I helped my companion 25/6 walk training 10.00 22/6 grandmother's glascaffe lunch walk in Lysvik and home away from home to Sunne 09.00 4/7 to 5/7 walk barbecue evening bath canoe overnight stay in wind protection 08.00 Butterfly

 Today it was so fun I've been to Bodaborg It was an experience really fun I've had it with my companion and then we have a dinner So next week as you know 12/6 to 16/6 I am in Sjövik Folkhøjskole as I Said it's a theme park and then the group will be home on Friday So on the 17th of 6th, when is the group going to see it and then it's a walk-training and coffee will be there And then I'll return with more cities what they can do they'll come soon And late I will return with more info about what the group will do this summer

In July 2017, the group will release more English singles More info about it coming soon And in August 2017, the group's 11 album will be released. More info about this will be back in the end of July

I have had 28 instrumental songs And today I have released 13 Singles today And they are new and will play the most but I will play old instrumental singles too so there was no BlueBus 4 so instead there is flute.nu part 3 instead And they are the ones I will play all summer of 2017 and the old ones also So will continue the group in Autumn 2017 but now it's soon Summer holidays and summer tour coming tomorrow

Today it was so nice to walk and get the next time the group will see it is now on Tuesday and then it is Sweden's National Day and then the group will celebrate it and then it will be stunt and lunch but if it's going to rain then I have a plan B to watch movies and lunch and then when I'm home, I'll sing karaoke on a song called old you free and that's what's happening on Tuesday And tonight at 12 noon, I'll write and celebrate Summer Tour 2017 welcome and the first as the summer tour and the first on the Minni tour is the 6th of June as I said

I have been told that there is Blåsbus 4 on Wednesday so I will release a lot more singles on Wednesday And then it's probably the last time then And since late on Thursday, the summer tour begins 2017 I'll see how many singles I get It's an information only Butterfly 

Next time the group will see it next Wednesday, I'll get a postcard because I'm going to a stallion and then I'll go for a walk and then Fika and eat ice cream And it's 10.00 as it starts

It was so nice to take a walk It was so nice it was raining but otherwise it was hot in the air and so nice and have eaten lunch So next time the group will see it is on Tuesday afternoon then it's Bio and dinner on Sunday we will Book tickets and decide Time on Tuesday afternoon Butterfly 

Now I have more info on Monday, it will be a tour group to go to a lookout tower and to take a good lunch and then later the group will have a good dinner and take a walk and maybe an evening snack on the way home

Now it's fixed now next week on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 16.00 then the group will picnic and celebrate my birthday afterwards

On Sunday it was canceled due to a feast in Värnesborg In celebration of my sister  the group will plan when we meet next time on Friday or Friday I will plan with the group what day it is

 Now the group has come home now and the team has managed not to bruise There was a superdag absolutely wonderful Solar Day and then the group a good dinner Summer Tour 2017 will be a mini-tour next time the group should be seen it is April 16th day after Easter Eve then be I Easter picnic and celebrate my birthday afterwards though my birthday on Wednesday at 16.00, the group is seen more info on what the group should do more coming soon Butterfly 

The reservation of Finland is now clear beginning in May when the group Will plan what there is to do in Finland IT Will be so wonderful to get there IT is a business trip and comming home on the night Butterfly

Today have I release Two singles Weeding day and This dear little Woods hed 

And then do Butterfly the residence with singles because IT Will soon be Easter holiday so the group Will be release more singles for Two weeks

Now we start all over again, it has taken everything away Admin so it says on the news, it's the latest news group will write a lot that has been removed, it was boring, but it will be now

Today I released a new single My heart Will go on As I've released today, I will continue to let those other singles who are on blåsbus 1 Blåsbus 2mm That's what I'm going to aim for so that's a lot of singles that will be released on Wednesdays It's fine, though I know it is a lot of work for this group, but it's just ok

The group will plan for Finland trip next Tuesday and then I will give more details about what the group should do in Finland is 9 May a 11 May I'll be where TodayI have said that more information on what to do shortly Butterfly

On 9 April 2017 then I'm going to Örebro then I bathe in Gustavsvik And at 8.00, the group will go, and later in the day when the group will eat dinner and lunch there will be so wonderful and there are those that look now and then I will return with more details about those other days the group will do Butterfly


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