Every Wednesday so come the group have open stage 

open stage some the group come to play every Wednesday so 11/12 is the end so group come to go on with new instrumentala singles 15 January 2020 some new instrumentala singles begun so open stage come the group play and 11/12 then the open stage 2019 begins so next year 2020 come new instrumentala singles it begins  15/1 start the group to work on new music and work again so 20/11 




These are the dates the group Will work and play and next year it is as usual again 

Some I Said The group Butterfly  Will continue next year 2020

The group Butterfly Will continue next year as well 


Now are I back again 

And now is the time for new music some I come to play every Wednesday so today have I released 9 Singles 

So now have I start again with new instrumentala singles and come new music every Wednesday


Now I know when the group Will start of instrumentala singles Week 36 I start again 

4/9 so come new music and new instrumentala singles 4/9 I start again with new music and new instrumentala singles 

Now are I home now it was so very wonderful to come home it was so wonderful day in Skara 

It was  talking about Golf and Bowling in Skara but it was none of this things it was Skara summer land and Skara school where Timoteij went 

So now I am home now and next trip it is in Stockholm then Stockholm it is last city of summer tour 2019 then it Will be Liseberg so the second Week in August then the group Will look it up next Week

And The group come to live in Stockholm in September summer tour is ending in September


It was changed 

22/5 then the last one is the group released new instrumentala singles so after 22/5 is Done so come the group play old singles until I start again it can be August some The group Will released new singles 

10/8 so I come release 14 album The Jungle 

So 22/5 is the last of the group instrumentala singles and begun again in August 2019 then can be new singles 

So summer 2019 so come the group play old singles and Summer tour starting 1/6 then there Will be a lot of adventure with the same things and new things and maybe challenge so play old singles and summer tour 2019 this come the group come to work this summer 2019


The 8 Mars then I release Swedish singles with the group Will release English singles and album it is only Swedish Material Just as I do but it is English that is as the group work with often does it is English group 


then everything was clear so 8/6 too 15/6 the group Will be going to Croatia for a Week This Will be so wonderful with the sun Bathing and enjoying so then it is clear then


A new sound has come that the group work with guitar bus it’s called so the new sound is to work with the guitar bus it can be songs and instrumentala singels so songs and instrumentala it’s that group Will work it

Today have released 10 singles 

1 Min Bästis

2 De va de 

3 footprints 

4 Snö

5 Spearmint Blues 

6 sista valsen 

7 Mamma Mia 

8 Diggi-loo Diggi-ley 

9 Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy 

10 Sydney summer 

Some I have released Today 

And This was the last of the year 2018 

Then the Group goes on next year 9/1 then it’s as usual again with new singles so now can I play my old singles when 9/1 2019 comes 



next year 2019 
then it will be Gothenburg in January and 
February Ski in


 and summer of Croatia These are the places the group should go to next year 2019 it will be fun to doing this in 2019

There has been so much adventure some Butterfly  
done a lot of things when the group is out there 
different things and have traveled as well 

It will be a few days as the mess that goes out into nature feels wonderful that the group can do natural things 
So I'll see what days it will be with nature days so next year 2019 so come group live in Gothenburg in January and
February Åre and summer of Croatia so it looks out what group will do in 2019 and more info about all things traval all some Butterfly doing comimg soon   


I Will get a new material the new material 

Are new singles to which the group is going to play I comming to play this singles some I have not playing so this Will be new singles and the ones that the group Will work with in the in Autumn 2018 and later on the group gets new Christmas singles and Will play them in front of the family’s Christmas party 2018 together with my Christmas album Christmas 2018 and Christmas singles so see it out in Autumn and Winter

Now is open scens back again it was so wonderful this summer tour so now come group working  with open scens again so Butterfly come to travel in Kolmården it be wonderful to come I come too se animal and maybe bergdalbana I come to take Wildfire banan come I maybe it was that about open scens Will I say some the group come to work in Atumn 2018 


It will be the family Christmas 2018 for the group Butterfly there Will be newly  written Christmas 

singles and Christmas albums and mixed artists in youtube that I want it to be so exciting this more info about the Christmas Christmas calendar 2018 Will be available soon and in the fall 2018 

when Will all dates and sometimes set up before the Christmas show it's like last year 

it's a private Christmas show 

Autumn 2018 so Will be more open scene which the group Will work with it has been a nice summer of this year I think

summer tour 2018 has comming let the summer tour 2018 begun so Degerfors is the first city some is the start of summer tour IT was wonderful this summer tour 2018

Soon it´s time for summer tour 2018 and the group will plan in begaun in May and I have be in the group studio and work all days so much and I have doing so many things some Group have to do this year It can be same things and new things som Group will do in summer tour 2018 I have always work in group stduio it´s travel some grpup doing in my tour There are no gigs when group are on summer tour it´s a traval I have gigs at my home and when I´m on tour then there are traval trips only  

Pamela is the first comp song so it´s a only beginning There will be challenges of my music and it´s alright with me and so may work I have every day and every night I have this group I love it so much and I come to drive in Norway to Ski abord I am fine at this so I love group music 

On Friday, the group to the Karlsson family that I know we're going to hang out and talk about the group's childhood and maybe it's 18.00 as it begins to be as enjoyable it was a long time since I saw them will be wonderful

As you know I'll have a Julgala here in Kil Mouth house and it is the same thing as Timoteij though it is different So Julgalan would begin December 9, 2016 but has been moved to 6 December 2016 and it is on Tuesday that it will begin and there are 6 December 10 December and 25 December Christmas day that I should have this Christmas show and on Monday afternoon at 16.00 when the rope begins on Tuesday is the time at 17.00 starts everything, starting with the Christmas table first and then there will be entertainment and group Butterfly going to start with their Christmas album and julsinglar group will also offer rock songs but then you know that it is a private julgala only More info about times on December 9 and 25 December will shortly

There were changes to my Christmas show begins on 6/12 it is now on Tuesday, 6/12 10/12 and 25/12 is the three dates that my Chirstmas show should have so it will be wonderful And as I said to the group will offer Christmas songs, rock songs and will have its own Christmas dinner there will be a great show and it is a private Chirstmas show 

I have released a new rock single Rainbow in the dark I have a new project underway and it is Christmas singles But they are not finished yet so I will continue with rock singles while I wait for Christmas singles What I have said that my new project is Christmas singles that I will be releasing more info about it will shortly Butterfly

I know I always write in English but I am a Swedish boy I speak Swedish it's only group Butterfly that I speak English only Otherwise I talk Swedish But I want to speak mostly English but when I'm out meeting friends and family when I talk Swedish it's only butterfly which I speak English

 Now the group has come home now it's been so fun and wonderful I ate cake drank coffee and talked it's been fun but now I'm home again So now it's just Julgala Kil and Forshaga me to take a walk and grill Forshaga So now it's back to normal Butterfly

Today I released a new rock single Rock bottom But now I will continue with my old Rock singles so we'll see if I get new singles So it will be old Rock Singles perhaps new?

Today has been so nice been to the cinema for a good pizza it was cozy next time the butterfly to be seen, it is the second Advent December 4, 2016 And then we roast a walk in Forshaga Time 11.00 info about the group's Christmas dinner comes in short

 As you know that the Butterfly is my group, so I have released more century singles that I release Rock Singles and must see when instrumental singles coming back I've been on tour in different cities in Sweden, Europe and the studio is now working full time and I'll see the land that I will go to next year? And next year, 2017, I'll have a ski vacation info on ski vacation shortly and I will be releasing new albums and singles next year and will plan the cities that I should go along with my contact and see what the group should do Butterfly

Today it has been as good today as you know the group to have the movies and eat a good dinner, it should be cozy, it has not been a lot of work to do but it will be a lot of work ahead and I'll have a julgala this wedge municipal building and there is a private gala that I will lead myself and the group will offer Christmas songs and rock songs and I will play out my julsinglar and Christmas album and should have their own Christmas dinner for myself to be so wonderful and sweet in spring 2017 I will release my 10th album and maybe instrumental singles if they come back otherwise it's just fine with the group will see the land that the group will travel to? Butterfly

On Wednesdays, I usually release new rock singles But today's Wednesday so there was no new single today is the single Breaking the Law that I will play more so next Wednesday then I will release a new rock single again, it was an information group Butterfly

It was so nice today there was no grilling so instead so the group went a leisurely stroll in the woods and ate a good lunch it was so nice I think next time I will meet again next Tuesday, the group will go to the movies and eat a good dinner so first I need to see the movie and time as you know that in the winter starts Butterfly first Christmas show, and december 18, 2016 is another Christmas show in Kil Arena more info on that coming soon so one can say that in winter it starts everything so it is a Chirstmas begun for Butterfly

Saturday 26/9 should Butterfly Vänern Borg There is a 2 year birthday party that group to celebrate my sister's children named Alvin, I'll be there I'll be there during the day do not know when I get home so I can see when I get home Butterfly

Info from Butterfly, it was changed we would meet in the morning then it's father's day but could not so we are going to grill and take a walk on Tuesday the same day that Elina should practice gym 15/9 2016 same period 10.00 Butterfly

In winter, the group Butterfly have its own Christmas show here in Kil Mouth on 9/12 will begin the Christmas show there will be a small Christmas dinner for me and Christmas music I will play the group thanks very much for all the support to experience this Christmas show is a Christmas show for me

Today I released a new rock single Breaking the law Butterfly

Today has been so nice, I think we checked the website but not yet know the group is not how the website works So in two weeks on 13/9 so the group will grill and take a walk and see a movie and it's Father's Day as a group should be seen and it is the same time 10.00 Butterfly

As you know I have released a new rock single today, next Wednesday is autumnholiday as Butterfly pauses next Wednesday and in two weeks then I'll release more rock singles and maybe instrumental singles event if they come back otherwise it's rock singles Butterfly

 Today I released a new rock single Living after midnight Butterfly

I want to say that tomorrow should be seen as Butterfly is set So we will take a lunch and check out the website on Sunday instead 29/10 at 10.00, the team will check it out, it was like the team news So it's on Sunday I'll be Butterfly


Next year, 2017, the group will work with the new music is in English only and I hope instrumental singles back But I have said that I will work with the new music, this will be fine At the 2012 Sjövik Melodifestivalen participated Butterfly with the song You and me where you brought in, inter alia, the production team Production from Kil, which contributed to a new, fresh and modern sound


Next  year, 2017, the group will work with new music next year it will va folk pop organic pop and warm tones If you wonder what organic music is so can Timoteij tell you what organic music but otherwise it's just fine with Butterfly "The new the material will breathe more organic pop, but of course one will recognize Butterfly My new sound is more modern and fresher mm a natural development for 2016 - 2017 I spend very much time in the studio, and look forward to my new company called social media . Butterfly

Today I released a new rock single In the hall of the mountain king


Today, the group has planned, but the group has not found out how the website and admin works as the 25/10 next Tuesday, we will meet again. But first we must wait and see what we will do next time so my contact person will check his work schedule and ensure the contact person will see what we will do, he works a lot so it's not very often we do so when he is vacant then we can find lots of things so as I have said, the 25/10 next Tuesday, we will group meet again and take a lunch and see a movie and then we plan And we will do next time Butterfly

It's ok with Butterfly there's so much music job and studio work so it is very much to be done. As you know my rock singles that I release on Wednesdays every time I release a single I play the most as The other rock singles that I have released them, I have to repeat in case there would be rock concert as the group must remember those rock singles to able to play them. Otherwise, it's just fine with me, as I have said on Tuesday 18/10 at 10.00, the group will plan on more things what to do and going to the group's website Butterfly

The next time the group will meet next time is now on the Tuesday group will go through the group's website 18/10 At 10/00 2016 and shall place the images on the website and will see the film and to plan what Butterfly'll do next time is now not so long until the group will fly to England it's a month left until the group will fly and to be there the whole weekend will be so fun so I'm going home to Sweden on 6/10 it is a Sunday



Today I released a new rock single Hold the line 


On 9 December, I start with my Christmas singles and 4 December when should Christmas song are revealed what songs will be called and it is the same day as Cecilia turns 25 4/12 songs revealed 9/12 single release and then take Butterfly Christmas holidays but my Christmas holiday begins on 24 / 12 Christmas Eve I take the Christmas holiday and then I'll work again and then when it gets in 2017 then it's back to normal a lot of work and my 10th album Butterfly

As you know about the group Butterfly it is I who you know Johan Ordqvist called Butterfly as artist name So I have made a new reboot of this and has released rock singles and I have worked with sound very much and I have found a company called Social media, as I do myself to Butterfly has also been abroad first was Denmark then it was Norway and in November, the group to England instrumental rock singles and mixed English songs in Youtube and write English songs, it's my music that Butterfly does on days Butterfly


I want to tell you about how the Butterfly does with his music I am a songwriter who writes English songs but Instrumental singles and Rock Singles them, I get on Wednesdays when I play keyboards it is the music that Butterfly makes instrumental and rock singles and write English songs that is what Butterfly working with their music this sound that I work with it's Instrumental singles that are sound but then I put another sound that is Rock and then I usually sing mixed English songs in Youtube, and it is they all are my music the group is currently working on a new material and a new sound. And it goes so well Butterfly


Today I released a new rock single We're not gonna take IT

God, I love England so much I would like to move there, I would like I'm going to England in November
but it would be nice to move
Next week on Wednesday we will know what
Butterfly Will do More info will come next Monday
what the group should do
I love this group, it has been so wonderful
As you know, there is an English summer is not Swedish summer is the summer Timoteij so The group Butterfly is a English group I have released many rock singles has been working on overseas so it goes well with the group

 I have good news to Butterfly England becomes the 3DE country for Butterfly I go in November and will go on a musical My father's birthday in November so we are going to celebrate my father in England and see The Phantom of the Opera This will be so fun to come to England as I have wished that I want to go there so finally I will fulfill it I have longed so much I will meet with my big sister and the whole family I will see As my brother and his girlfriend so I Come to have so Fun in London Butterfly

Now, my first Christmas album ready So now I'll wait I'll start with Christmas singles I usually go through everything but
December I'll go through everything the
9/12 Should I start down the Christmas singles
I'll find a day when I'll go through my Christmas singles and Christmas album after I have gone through everything so I celebrate Christmas Eve with family and when I have celebrated the clear then it is time to work again With music again And to plan for next year 2017 and then I'll start with my 10th album and singles and more instrumentals Singles maybe

Tomorrow is the day of Tomorrow leaves Butterfly Sweden and Norway will be so wonderful to get to where I have longed so much God how much I will do in Norway So that's what I want to say

Today, have Butterfly released a new rock single Don't bring me down As I have released today Butterfly

At last I'm going to Norway and I will be in Norway throughout the day and will hm the evening will be so fun and I will tell you what butterfly will make the group shall Holm protocols and the prisoners at the fort and dinner will will be wonderful to go there, it is going to be the world's best adventure in Norway, and it is the second country group Butterfly

Next  Thursday, you should Butterfly to Norway and we will go to Holm enkollen and the prisoners get the fort and have dinner and we'll do Butterfly

When I have the live concert I have them in my home I do not usually go out on tour with my songs my tour is to travel in different cities and do different things, and when I play my songs and write songs I do in my home only Butterfly 

next week Will Live in Norway so Tomorrow can i not drive in This land so next Thursday so Come I to live in Norway

it was that I Will say 


Today have I released a new Rock single Iron man is My new Single Butterfly 

the group Butterfly is wonderfully talented and pulls off hit after hit, and even new rock singles. I've participated in Melodifestivalen Sjövik 2 times. Right now it is in the process of working on new songs for a new album in called I'll be home for Christmas is something new and the sound feels fresh for Butterfly 17 Septrember 2016 Butterfly released its most personal album I'll be home for Christmas "trio consisting of Johan Ordqvist 

This Thursday should Butterfly to Norway and will be there all day and come home in the evening and Norway is the other country that Butterfly shall I do not know yet what the group should do, but on Tuesday I'll check out what there is to do in Norway Butterfly

And I have start now on My first Album I come home for Christmas so IT well Nice to begun this some I always Love This much and IT go so good for My group and have so fun 

Now  it's one day left until the My new Christmas Album I'll be home for Christmas Tomorrow I will start with my album Butterfly

Novelty There was no cinema and dinner so UPCOMING Country Norway Oslo 22/9 Norway is my second country For the first country that I have been Denmark was the start of my overseas So now it's Norway and I will return what the group should do in Norway On Wednesday, more info


Today I released one single I Love rock ' n' roll


it is rock singles that I will so instrumental should I wait so now is Rock singles that I will work with


Next Thursday I'm going to Norway On September 22, I'm going to Norway info on what to do in Norway but first I'll go to the movies and dinner In Karlstad, but I will return when I

know more what to do in Norway it is business trip

For the group Butterfly



Today it was nice and I won in the Go card Upcoming city Karlstad 11/9 Bio and Dinner.Norway trip Come more info when I have more information And now is the time making music jobs on Saturday I start with My first Christmas album On Saturday it will come one intro and I'll be home for Christmas from Timoteij And it's premiere song before I begun Butterfly 

Today I released two rock singles Instrumental singles, I will certainly do it is just that the group will release rock singles as well so it will be mixed with music for Butterfly and Rock and singles, I will work with and I will drop the rock singles until
I get instrumental singles while I wait for instrumental Singles as of now the camp is the rock Singles Eye of the tiger and Heaven s on fire are the first rock singles


Next year, 2017, I will do my 10 albums March 2017 I will release 10 albums as of January 2017, I will reveal what the album is called and there are 16 songs and then it will va new singles and there are 18 tracks More info when I'll start with my songs will shortly singles starting April 27, 2017 the day of Elina Thorsell gets 26 years More info about the songs next year as the year 2016, I will start with the Christmas album and julsinglar and then next year when you get to know more information about the songs Butterfly wish a Merry Christmas and a happy new year and see you next year Butterfly

When I have live concert So I usually have live concert at the home of me so I sing English songs of My home so my gigs of my songs so so I drive them home with me Only When I'm on tour, I usually find olka Things to do Butterfly is not like Timoteij when I are in Tour IT was that I Will say Butterfly

Now everything is clear now so now I get the music and then IT
So My 9 album Hunger Games are now Done
So next Album some I work IT is I be home for Christmas
September 17/9 I start with My the first Christmas album
I be home for Christmas
Tomorrow is the primary mirroring
So Tomorrow ai sing in My 9 Album and then are I Done for this year so later Come My Chirstams album
Thank you for this is My Album so good luck Butterfly
And go on this

Now I'm back again with piano or kebord so my instrumental singles have not arrived yet so I usually get pop songs like homework but I'll see when I get instrumental singles again it can take time so I will come back when I get the singles again Butterfly


Yes now I play again and now IT is time for instrumentala singles again
So now it is as normal Wednesdays Will to Come to Release new instrumentala singles
So now Will Butterly release more singles Wednesdays are My instrumentala singles to release IT was that I Will say
So now are Butterfly back again with My singles again

That was no golf today the rain today so we eat food and And Drink coffe Only so On Tuesday IT Will be golf and Dinner
Then was talked about what I can do in autumn this autumn we have Said that I thing Kristinehamn and go go card and take a lunch and see we Will see IF the day to for Norway IT is the second country
More info about Norway trip on Tuesday
IT is They who are now layered
So we take one thing at a time and longer until this autumn I get to Know what the Butterfly Will do

Now I have more info about Denmark
Butterfly Will be in Denmark for three days
And those that we should do IT and that is summerland and adventure land the sea bathing resturang Amusement park zoo Northern Europés largest Aquarium
IT is them that we Will do in the Denmark
Butterfly arable 08,00
And have arrived in Gothenburg 12,00
And then we take the boat and go where w're going where we live Or Stay Butterfly

Now have doing on My Chirstmas singles IT was 16 songs and so Come in December so I have so many work on My music of Butterfly this year 2016
First is Album Hunger Games and after this Come I be home for Chtistmas and so Come My singles on My Christmas singels names Come in 12 November and
Begun in 9 December so now have I many work
And in next year 2017 Come I take 10 album and more Singles and more instrumentala Singles and see what Butterly can doing where I can do

In autumn and winter Come Butterfly to more Christmas album and singles

and in 2017 Come I Improved to play and work on instrumentala singels and 

On Monday night the Groop to Denmark and Stay there for three days

on Monday night drive I and 03,00 so drive I and comming home on Thursday night so IT was so wonderful to work on My Groop and I am so pround on My Groop and to work with Groop Manager Johan Ordqvist and have this company that I Runö IT was that I Will say 


I want to send our love to families and friends for their great support.

Thank you Johan Sebastian Ordqvist for expertise your smile and your never-ending attitude that Everything is possible

Thank you to all songwriters and producers who helped us make this EP the best possible

Finally - thank you for buying this EP it means a lot to us and we really hope that you will love it



IT 20 August Come I to begun My 9 Album Hunger Games
Some I say IT was 20 songs Come I
And On Friday Come I in Rämmen IT was wonderful to Come in Rämmen and Tomorrow will I go to My fhater and Mother to plan of Denmark Butterfly first land of Butterfly abord
So today Will Butterfly work My Groop I am so happy to work on My Groop so IT was a wonderful to have this

I Love My Groop Butterfly and have release many album and singles and I have a good Groop I have a Nice Groop some I have yourself and I work everyday 

Butterfly was Timoteij which came on the proposal I chose IT as a Groop My Groop is an English Groop and American Groop and Butterfly is not like Timoteij though IT is the same firm there is an English summer and American summer is My Groop Butterfly and have to work on this gropp and and released many singles and Album so IT was a Groop.
Next year IT Will take now spring Break Or summer and not Christmas Butterfly ska va IT should huh slavery So I have to work and Come to Be more singels and songs and more music and instrumentala singels so IT was a good Groop I have

Now Everything is clear and the songs ar now Done so now we get went until we start race to My Chirstmas album I be home for Christmas but we begun with with album Hunger Games first soon take Butterfly Chtistmas Album I be home for Chirstmas IT was that I Will say

Tomorrow I Will Reveal what becomes the Christmas songs
I Know where all the songs Will be called
There are 15 songs some Come to My first Christmas album I be home for Christmas names My first Chtistmas album so I am so happy to have My Groop Butterfly very much and I Come to begun songs Tomorrow

In  year 2017 Come I to work news instrumental singles and engelska songs and Chrismas singels and Chirsmas album Come I to work and Summer 2017 and midsummer 2017 Come I to work in My Groop Butterfly


On July 16, I will have Christmasmetting with Butterfly my Christmas album will start in September 2016 July 24, we know what Christmas album called Christmas album begins 17 September chrismassingels to begin in October Butterfly


 Tomorrow's meeting with Butterfly on the Christmas album and it goes well with the group I have many instrumental songs that I love and it's certainly the latest singles that I have so I also live in my home and the Butterfly Music And I'll plan also my 9 Album Hunger Games also as group Butterfly I played live some times and Butterfly has become very better and better as they have the world's best music that the group has done so it was there that I have to say Johan Ordqvist or Butterfly


On July 16, I will have Christmasmetting  with Butterfly my Christmas album will start in September 2016 July 24, we know what Christmas album called Christmas album begins 17 September chrismassingels to begin in October Butterfly


Today I released a new single today called Behind Blue Skies And I've got two pop songs alled both naked and Kizunguzungo and it is my judgment that I have received today But now it's summer so Should I fotrsätta to release more Singles in the fall or when summer takes final So happy summer for you and I will return until the music school opened again and then it is as usual and let more Singles The singles begins July 1 my English singles begins July 1  and In August 2016, Butterfly release their 9th album called The Hunger Games as my 9th album The songs revealed 22 July 2016 and 20 August I'll start with my 9 Album Hunger Games and there are 20 songs so have a nice summer så see we in autumn




Abroad in 2016 will be Denmark instead so it will be the country that will be the first country for Butterfly

So it has been good restart my Expatriation so Denmark will go first How then can we be seen if there will be more land

To abroad for Butterfly shall It feels wonderful for the group to To start all over again to get better starting at Butterfly to experience

To abroad can begin again by this and hope there will be more countries that I'm going to



Johan Ordqvist (born April 12, 1991 in Kil) - Percussion kebord instrumental songs Butterfly Group was established in the year 2016 when Johan Ordqvist went 6an In Viksta School in Kil And then I grew up and I went on Sundsta education is an aesthetic program. Butterfly breakthrough in 2012 when I attended Sjövik Eurovision Song Contest with the song You and me debut single Miracle was released in April of that year and received a warm reception and the single was the best and good song

At the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest Sjövik participated with the song Butterfly Miracles where you brought in Johan Ordqvist Production Kil Johan Ordqvist) which contributed to a new, fresh and modern sound. As I got hot Butterfly Johan Ordqvist


The new material will breathe more organic pop, and more oxygen healthier and more useful but of course one will recognize Butterfly My new sound is more modern and fresher - a natural development for 2016 We spend a lot of time in the studio, and look forward to to share with you my songs Thanks for all the support both of the shows and my label social media. You are fantastic!"




In August 2016, Butterfly release their 9th album called The Hunger Games as my 9th album The songs revealed 22 July 2016 and 20 August I'll start with my 9 Album Hunger Games and there are 20 songs Butterfly


In the morning, all the songs revealed what songs will be called Singles Release begins July 1, 2016 1/7 Tomorrow I record on my Facebook and my Instagram what songs will be called Butterfly


Now are My EP Top of theWorld Done I have work everyday

and now Think I is My gropp Butterfly has be better and better 

So I am so pround of My gropp so I are some Timoteij but more fellings and a big gropp 

it was a very work I have do IT was so wonderful of Butterfly and My compAny I have look a for a new company so I have do myslef SI I have find a new Company some are more instrumental and Amerikan English and English some I have work yourself IT was a Nice to have My gropp Butterfly some I named IT was so wonderful to have this Restart some are more 

Some you Know so i name is Johan Ordqvist have bigger ambitions than ever and are currently working on a new matrial and a new sound. The new sound contains more oxygen and are healthier and healthier. Johan investing in organic music. If you're wondering what it is, you can tell John and he also wonders! Maybe pop with homey touch and warm, summery tones.


Now  I have started again by instrumental Singles again

and today I have released two new singles as named Moss Bossa and Sinfonia

I have released today



Butterfly is back, in English and instumrntala songs and Butterfly has a new single and is aiming to beat internationally. 2016 elected a member of the Butterfly to bet on and this is the first thing they do, then Butterfly was a group Johan: Ordqvist along with Butterfly and it's tough. You have to be there for each other. Last year the band start again and spend a lot of time "behind the scenes". Butterfly tells us now that they will release eneglska singles and singles instrumrntala more. Since the band became more uniform Butterfly and Johan Ordqvist want the same direction. The band Butterfly hoping for it to go well in Europe, but first want

Today is EP here Top of the World some Will begun today

so I will work on My new  EP and IT was 20 songs 

Today  Will Butterfly Release new singles today

The singles begins July 1 

The songs begin  june 24 

it was some I Will say 

 it's 15 songs are in English


I have improved with group Butterlfy I have been a relief on
American Artists and which can be improved
And it goes well with the group Butterfly There's lots much studio Work the instrumental tracks and singles, and English Singles
As you know, on 13 May, my EP or Album Top of the World to be released there are 20 songs as it is so good to me


On May 18 in Älvkarleby will Timoteij shall Älvkarleby and play

I just want to repeat it again

But first, come  group Butterfly to  Älvkarleby and later in the evening, Timoteij


Butterfly comming the morning early and the evening once it's full speed with Timoteij




There is nothing about Find Country travel It is a begraving colliding solid Though it was first Butterfly abroad

So I do not know what to say about it I am so sorry for this But my father has said there will be no another time



Butterfly Group I called it an English and American group

Butterfly Group is an American group and the English group is an American summer I'll aim for


I have new information May 19 then begins to Butterfly releasing instrumental singles

and then I start again with new singles on Thursdays


As you know, I usually let my instruemntala singles on Thursdays

but now on Thursday take a break yes with my instrumental singles

Fot he latest singles that I have now  a weekend day so I'll so I give you more information when I when I start again

the latest singles that I have now is Flldle Betat is Country and Northern Lights is a ballad there are the two that I will play

Until I release new



Today have butterfly released two singles

Northern Lights and Flddle Beat is Country I have released today


It is precisely now that I'm going to Finland It is the 11 to 13 May

Butterfly going to Finald and do different

It will be really wonderful to come out on new adventures


Today I released a new single Summer nights and See you later allgator

But the song See you later allgator  I play not on CD

But Summer nights is instrumental I have released today



Today I released a new single Diggi-loo Diggi-lay

have I I've released




Today I have released two new singles

Wanderer and for the sake of love I have released today




soon fills Butterfly 25  year old I am 25 years April 12 there is a Tuesday

So Butterfly fills 25 year We will celebrate it on Saturday


As you know I am at the gym I practice every Friday I'm like Elina Thorsell

that I have almost the same voice and train in different places

it's so wonderful when I train very weights and great music

It was just what I want to say


As you know, I dance, I do on Tuesdays Tomorrow is the time for dance performance

I have always loved to dance, it has Johanna I Timoteij she dances also I do on Tuesdays

it was just what I want to say


Thursdays I have theater school We will have a performance in April

I will sing one song in Trollakrlen from Oz and I'll sing a song A powerful man will I sing

will be so wonderful tt I long there It was just what I have to say



today I have released 5 singles

Mamma Mia I want my own moon Sun wind and water The Final Countdown and Dover Calais

I have released today

After Easter, I get more singles

Happy Easter we'll see you when I come Back and more singles as usual




In the year 2016 I Finland  And maybe Denmark

but we'll take one thing at a time that's what I have to say


Next Tuesday is the time for dance performance the second time

we have called the dance for all it is the same place

starting from 18.00 to 20.00 welcome to so you can see the



When I sing in English, I usually I sing mixed English songs in youtube

it is not often that I take English Singles and albumar But otherwise, it goes well with the group Butterfly

I uotherwise, it mixing songs and

sually write my English songs When the time comes and the day coming my singles that are instrumental

It is so nice to have your own company I make myself



I have done a reboot My sound is instruemntala songs and material is British songs

I have a company called SOCIAL MEDIA The Company is a British company that wants

renew and sound and this company I will also focus on abroad too

Tomorrow I will release new singles which is instrmentala



On April 11, I will release more Singles who are 21 songs

as will always right English

 In May I will release an EP As will be hot top of the World there are 20 crates

I will return the date that is Butterfly


Today I have released two new singles some names Nowhere Man and Yesterday from the beatles so now I am before Timoteij The girls usually take a single at a time but I take some singles and albums and some day I will go to my 7 albums you have snow in your eyes the album is now ready
so now I'll wait until it becomes 11 April and it is 22 songs

Idag har jag släppt två nya singlar vissa namn Nowhere Man och Yesterday från beatles så nu är jag före Timoteij Flickorna brukar ta en i taget men jag tar några singlar och album och en dag jag kommer att gå till min 7 album du har snö i ögonen albumet är nu redo så nu ska jag vänta tills det blir 11 april och det är 22 låtar




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